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Chan Kithan By Ali Sethi
August 01, 2018
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Music Production : Saad Sultan
Music Arrangement : Ali Sethi & Saad Sultan

Instruments :
Dholak by Fazal Abbas
Been by Akmal Qadri
Harmonium by Shehbaz Ali
Bass & Guitar by Saad Sultan
Kazoo by Ali Sethi

Art Direction : Shahbano Shahbaz
Costume : Studio S
Hair & Makeup : Maram And Aabroo
Styling : Fahad Hussayn
Photography : Omer Khalid Butt
DOP : Muhammad Husnain Mehmood
PR : Mint
Special Thanks: Mehreen Syed
Produced by: Ali Sethi & Seher Tareen
Directed by: Ali Sethi & Taimoor Salahuddin


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