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Husn-e-Janaa Kee Tareef Mumkin Nahi Afreen Afreen
August 03, 2018

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Ankheen Dekheen To
Main Dekhtaa Rah Giyaa
Jaam Dooo Ore Doonoon
Hee Doo Ateshaaaa
Ankheen Yaa Makadeee
Kaee Doo Baab Hain

Ankheen Inn Ko Kahoon
Yaa Kahoon Khawab Hain
Ankheen Neechee Hue
To Haya Baan Gayeen
Ankheen Oonchee Hue

To Dua Baan Gayeen
Ankheen Uth Kar Jhakeen
Too Ada Baan Gayeen
Ankheen Jhuk Kar Utheen
To Qadaa Baan Gayeen

Ankheen Jin Main
Hain Asmaan O Zameeeeen

Nargasee Nargaseee
Surmayee Surmayeee
Nargasee Nargaseee
Surmayee Surmayeee

Afreen Afreen Afreeeen


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